It is now 15 yrs since our center was established. With its 130 plus staff members the center is still running its full and all round trauma and orthopedic services. Standard and up to date surgical, in-patient and outpatient services are supported by experienced physiotherapists. Knowledgeable lab technologists;X-ray technicians and pharmacist as well as pharmacy technicians & emergency crew the back bones of the professional activities of our center.

Despite being underspaced and unable to install major and important equipments; and unable to do major expansions we have been doing intensive surgical managements of all sorts of trauma. Our centers have been involved in the management and follow up of wonded soldiers and militias in the recent armed conflict in the northern Ethiopia lease

Finally the A/A office of the municipally administration decided to land 4300 m2 of land for expansion purposes, which is great news. However, the hand over is delayed because of undisclosed beaurocratic procedure, which we are following closely.

The work and residence permission of Dr. Han Mangil and Dr Han IL Song of Korea has been renewed thanks to the Ministry   of foreign Affairs; Ministry of social Affairs and the Immigration & Naturalization office.

Dr. Ketema H/Mariyam, local Orthopedists is now working with us already 11 months. Dr Ketema is found to be a diligent surgeon who is improving his theoretical and practical work experience day by day.

Drs Medefer Alemu, Bisrat Kokeb and Tamiru Ejigu are the best fellows ever who are patient reliable and dependable and experienced term care takers of our Centre

Dr Serge Batanov, an expert orthopedic surgeon with longest time of service (10 yrs) in our center is out for a two months of vacation since the 26th of July. He is expected to return by the end of August, 2022.

Finally, Dr Worku Mekonnen,Medical Director of the Yordanos orthopedic and trauma center, Senior expert in orthopedic medical specialty and senior orthopedic consultant and fellows(ortho) COSECSA travels at the end of August ,2022 to Marmaia university Istambul,Turkey to attend a cadaveric surgical course in primary and revision surgery.